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Fucich Ditch
A Lesson in RESEARCH


 A short time ago I contacted you to see if you had any knowledge of my Great grandfather Simeone M. Fucich, Sr., who had a summer home located in Lakeshore at the turn of the century.
Since I was last in touch with you, I was able to pin point the location of his summer home on what was called, at the time, Fucich Ridge.  A canal or ditch was dug so that he had access to the Bay, it was called Fucich Ditch. Cousins of mine, who still live in the area were able to give me the location.  Attached is a map showing the location.
From what I have been able to figure out, next to my great grandfather was the Jefferson Yarborough Family, one daughter Jessie, who married Vladimir Fucich, Sr. --- and they lived in the Waveland area.
The whole area where my great grandfather's land was located is now clear cut and does not look the same as my cousins remember.
Just thought that you would like to know since you are into the history of Hancock County.
Don Fucich
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