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Kenneth F. Murphy --- 228.467.5999
Heritage Documenter-Photographer

     It has frequently been said, that "a picture is worth a thousand words"!  Even more true when historic events, people, places and things are assimilated by the experienced and critical eye of a Photographic Documenter.
     Coastal magazines, periodicals, journals and many commercial flyers have distinguished their covers and pages with the photographic artwork produced and captured by Ken Murphy.
     Having spent eight years in the armed services, Ken developed his unique admiration for the beauty created both by nature and by human handiwork.  In 1983, he pursued his love for photography by taking formal training at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
     Since 1986, he has been both a Freelance Photographer as well as having been employed by CF. Weber Photography and Coast Magazine Corporation.  Preferring the freedom of being an entrepreneur, he has launched his Freelance photographer's skills into establishing a studio and gallery where he anchors his services and photographic productions.  His products run the gamut from his famous portraits and scenic illustrations and digitally-captured CD-ROM art-scenarios.
     His client list is long with many major corporate and institutional entities in the Deep South.  Some of the publications which credit his photographic genius are: Coast Magazine, Mississippi Magazine, Go Magazine, Siesta, Arrive, Louisiana Life, International, American Forest, ARETE, Voyager, and 55 & Fine magazines.  Book publications include: 48 Hours, Profiles in Progress, Readers Digest, and several others including his own first publication edition which is being followed by a second and even greater publication that is is in production stages.
     His list of awards, ribbons, and plaques can decorate a whole wall.  Hancock Bank has portrayed his famous scenic tableaus in their annual pastoral Calendars since 1990.
     Ken is proud of his work and has an acute eye for perfection.  Having taken thousands of "shots" along the coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana, he has shared some of these here in portraying the beautiful communities of Hancock County.
     Of his work, Ken says, "I'm just gettin' started!"

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